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From Concrete to Skyscrapers:

How to Build An Effective Youth Ministry From The Ground Up! is designed to address the challenges of youth ministry. Youth leaders need good resources to make  their jobs easier. This guie gives you step-by-step instructions on:   $12.99


>Real Life Examples

>Innovation Outreach Methods

>More than 100 ministry programming ideas

>Easy Fundraising Ideas that make $1,000 o more

>Grant Ideas that make at $5,000 or more

>Fun Activity Ideas that cost much

>Research on bullying

>Research on special needs youth

>International mission trips ideas

>How to purchase a bus for less

>Permission forms

>Sample mission statemnents

>Discipline guildes and more!

The Bubble Gum Kid

Dealing with Life Lessons

is designed to entertain and teach life lessons.

Juvenile fiction. Chapter book.    $9.99


 Ronny Magnell isn't an ordinary boy and his life isn't ordinary either. Travel with him into a world where everything is made of bubble gum bubbles. It's a world where everything goes his way and he's the star. Let your imagination flow as he stops by Friedalbub's Music Store and adventures into Delicious Island Amusment Park/ You will laugh out loud at this delightful story as you discover why they call  him The Bubble Gum Kid. Ronny learns valuable life lessons and his uniqueness will win your heart forever.

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